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How To Create Sellable Ebooks That Sell Like Crazy

Everyone on the internet says if you want to reap high profits you should develop/create eBooks like how to guides and other information products. OK, but how?

How to Create an eBook That Actually Sells

Internet publishing has become an industry. Internet publishers, most of them are one or two people working together to create ebooks on the market-driven topics and earn USD 30000 approximate profit on a monthly basis.

In fact, your earning from an ebook depends upon choosing the right topic for the ebook according to the market.

When you buy selling rights (resale rights) or write a book (you can start writing an ebook from a scratch or rewrite an ebook from a book with private label rights), the most crucial factor you have to consider is the demand of the product. It is a simple demand and supply theory from your Economics Class.

Always ask this question before creating an ebook – Do people want your product? It’s simply stupid to waste a month time preparing / creating a product, making the website and setting up required sales techniques only to find that people don’t even flick an eyebrow at your product.

Your Ultimate Goal is to deliver the product to your client and collect his or her money. So to do this, you must make sure what’s your customer wants and is he going to buy your product in the first place. How do you determined if they want your product? Simple:

1 – Just ask in bulletin boards (forums) related to your niche.

2 – Hold a survey or public poll.

3 – Use keyword tools to see what kind of searches people are doing.etc.

The internet is a flat playing field, and you’ve the power to reach almost anybody anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

OK let’s take an example on how you can determined the topic of your ebook. I have this splendid thought about making a step-by-step instructional manual on how to cook Indian food.

Firstly, I have to discover if anybody is interested (or even heard of) in Indian food. To find this out, I will go to a food-related discussion board and ask tactfully if anybody is looking in learning Indian cuisine. Note – “Never ask blatantly whether anybody would like to buy an e-book with instructions on how to cook Indian food, or you may be banned from the forum because of spamming”.

So I will go to a Food-related forum and instead of asking blatantly if they want to buy my ebook, I will share a couple of my Indian recipes from my ebook to test the waters and see how the message board members respond to my recipes. If they show enthusiasm for learning more, I will unquestionably have a market in that. If they show no interest, then it is time to search for an idea. In the Above Example, I have to save time in the long-term because I never have to discover the low demand for my product the hard way. So after conducting surveys and public polls, checking the demand in forums and discussion boards and using keyword search when we create and publish an ebook it will certainly have the market demand and can give us profit.

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